On the buses: VIA Mobile360 SVS system platform

VIA license plate recognition system

An interesting couple of days at the VIA office in Fremont, California, reviewing the new systems based on the VIA Mobile360 SVS and VIA Smart Recognition platforms that we are developing for markets in the US and Latin America.

In addition to a license plate recognition system, these include a bus fleet management solution that allows operators to monitor what is happening inside and outside each of their vehicles using a total of six cameras. The system also features a panic button for the driver to use in case of emergency, and it is connected to the cloud over a cellular network.

VIA Mobile360 SVS

Projects like these not only require strong technology capabilities in fields as diverse as video stitching and remote wireless connectivity, but also the flexibility to customize the installations based on exact requirements. This represents quite a challenge for large buses carrying dense passenger loads in heavy traffic in tough road conditions. A ruggedized system with the ability to withstand heavy vibrations and handle wide voltage ranges is absolutely essential. Thousands of hours of extensive on-the-road testing is also critical to make sure that system is ready for reliable operation in real-world conditions.

By providing real-time visibility of the status of their vehicles, VIA Mobile360 SVS systems enable bus operators to maximize the efficiency of their fleets and boost both passenger and driver safety. If an accident or passenger incident such as a robbery occurs, alerts are transmitted immediately for response by the appropriate authorities. Video footage provides valuable evidence for the police and insurance companies.

On a related note, we plan on displaying our VIA Mobile360 and VIA Smart Recognition platforms at the forthcoming April 11-13 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas. Our booth number is 35050. We will be posting more new about this over the next couple of weeks.

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