VIA at Embedded World 2018: Computer Vision

Computer Vision

A busy second day at Embedded World 2018. I haven’t seen any visitor numbers, but show attendance appears to be very good this year, even though the event is taking place at the same time as the much more glitzy and glamorous Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I take this as a healthy sign of the growing momentum in the industrial and enterprise IoT sectors.

Computer Vision has been a hot topic in the conversations I’ve had with customers and media, with many asking for more details of our future strategy for addressing this segment. My response is that our aim is to provide platforms that are quick and easy to customize for the many different Computer Vision applications that are emerging.

In practical terms, this means that we offer three different Computer Vision platform families optimized for the consumer, enterprise, and in-vehicle segments, namely:
VPai 360 and VPai Home for panoramic camera and home wireless security and video monitoring;
VIA Smart Recognition Platform for security, surveillance, traffic monitoring, building management, and consumer engagement systems;
VIA Mobile360 SVS and ADAS for vehicle monitoring, safety, and tracking.

VPai Home Turnkey Solution

Each Computer Vision platform family includes a hardware layer, a real-time image capture and processing software layer, and an Artificial Intelligence layer that can be plugged into machine learning services such as TensorFlow. In addition, we are also building up close relationships with ecosystem partners such as image sensor and camera suppliers to facilitate the integration of these devices into the systems.

Multiple customization options are available for all levels, and a full suite of supply chain, manufacturing, quality control, and logistics management services can be provided to accelerate time to market and minimize product development costs.

As part of our strategy, we plan on rolling out more Computer Vision platforms and devices in the near future. Watch this space for news of the latest developments.

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