I Ching Diary: a middle path

middle path

Water over lake: I’ve been here before with Hexagram 60 (節/jié). Signifying a notch on a bamboo pole for measuring water levels on a stream or river, it calls for regulation, moderation, or limitation of your behavior. In other words, stick to a middle path rather than go to extremes.

I Ching Hexagram 60: regulation

The notch or limitation is a “sweet” one according to the judgment for line 5, the changing line. It will bring great fortune but only if it‘s consistently applied to everyone. There must be no exceptions at all. You must be able to walk the walk. It’s not enough to simply talk the talk.

I Ching Hexagram 19: approach

The lake remains in place at the bottom for the transformation to Hexagon 19 (臨/lín). The water on top is replaced by the earth, heralding the approach of a powerful and beneficial influence. Spring is here. A prosperous and joyous year lies ahead. A great leader has united his people by treating them in a tolerant and open-minded manner and thus given them the right example to follow.

However, it’s worth remembering that spring doesn’t last forever. We should keep our guard up and be prepared for the return of darker times even though we can’t see any signs of them appearing yet.

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