I Ching Diary: a gentle wind

Gentle Wind

Hexagram 57 (巽/xùn) represents a gentle wind that patiently disperses the storm clouds on the horizon and leaves the sky clear and calm. If you adopt a similar low-key approach to achieving your goals, you’ll accomplish much more effective long-term results than with dramatic gestures or aggressive moves.

I Ching Hexagram 57: The Gentle

The first changing line, line 2, warns that dark forces are threatening you. Search hard to find these negative influences and call on people with the appropriate abilities and skills to help you counter them.

Line 4, the second changing line, signifies a much more positive situation by congratulating you on the successful completion of a project due to careful planning and preparation. However, as is the case with so many of the oracle’s judgments, it also reminds you to keep your feet on the ground and not get carried away by your achievements.

Line 6, the final changing line, brings you back down to earth with a bump. Unfortunately, it appears that even with the help of your experts, you haven’t yet been able to vanquish the dark forces that the first changing line alerted you to. The best you can do in response is to stand firm and look for creative ways of dealing with them. Although the odds are unfavorable, there’s still a chance of being able to survive them.

I Ching hexagram 31 resonance

Hexagram 31 (咸/xián) brings the promise of relief. A lake sits on the top of a mountain, nourishing the earth beneath it so that the grass and other plants can flourish. A positive new influence is on its way, but you need to make sure that you are receptive to the help it brings you if you’re to take full advantage of it.

That means staying open-minded and humble. Not even the most powerful force can help you if you won’t allow it to.

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