I Ching Dairy: completion

I Ching hexagram 63 completion

Hexagram 63 (既濟/jì jì) representing completion: an appropriate way to signal the end of my trip. After an interesting couple of weeks in Europe and the US, I can head home with my mission complete.

The hexagram is comprised of the trigrams for fire and water. It marks the moment when a kettle comes to the boil. All its firm and yielding lines are in the right place: a state of perfect equilibrium has been reached.

However, hexagram 63 also includes a note of caution. If you don’t pay close attention, the water can easily evaporate or boil over. Keep your eye on the ball. Don’t get complacent. Success sows the seeds of failure.

The I Ching acts like an early warning system. It alerts you of potential problems that are lurking on the horizon so that you can nip them in the bud before they become too serious. The longer you let them fester, the more difficult and costly they will be to solve.

Modern AI systems operate in the same way, for example by letting you know when a CNC machine needs maintenance because a key component is nearing the end of its useful life. However, even when such systems are working well, it’s vital not to be lulled into a false sense of security. New variables may come into play that the system hasn’t been programmed to monitor, and there’s always the chance of an unexpected accident, such as a forklift crashing into the machine, disrupting your carefully laid-out plans.

As hexagram 63 warns, the key is to remain vigilant. Even the most highly-sophisticated AI systems only have the capacity to operate within narrow, task-specific parameters. While they are carrying out the daily grunt work, you should be spending your time thinking more broadly so that you can identify the new opportunities and threats that are gathering in the distance.

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