I Ching Diary: a turning point

turning point

Earth over quake: Hexagram 24 (復/fù) marks a turning point. The cold and darkness of winter is nearly over. The solstice is here. You can begin to prepare for the approaching spring. Best not to push too hard, though. Make sure that you get plenty of rest so that you have plenty of strength for the hard labor of planting that lies ahead.

I Ching Hexagram 24: return

Line 6, the changing line, warns that you’re still not on the right track with your preparations. Take time to reflect once again so that you can get back in sync with the rhythm of the seasons. Any attempt you make to force the pace of things will inevitably fail.

I Ching Hexagon 27 nourishment

Mountain over quake: Hexagram 27 (頤/yí) looks like the four corners of a mouth with its four broken lines capped by two firm lines at the bottom and top. Make sure that you’re getting the right nourishment of both the physical and spiritual kinds to build up your strength.

Eat healthy foods in moderation. Don’t eat or drink to excess. Clear the crap out of your mind through deep self-reflection, and remain calm in your thoughts, speech, and actions. When the right time comes, you’ll be ready to make your move.

I Ching Diary: perfect timing

perfect timing

When you identify a promising opportunity, it can be very tempting to rush in to make sure that you’re first to market. But if you move too fast, the chances are that you’ll lose out on it. The history of the tech industry is full of examples of companies that were so far ahead their time that the infrastructure and market weren’t ready for their offering. Facebook wasn’t the first social media platform; no matter whether it was out of dumb luck or great strategy, the company initiated the rollout of its service at exactly the right moment.

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