VIA at Embedded World 2018: VIA Smart Recognition Platform

VIA Embedded World 2018

A lively start to Embedded World 2018!

The new VIA Smart Recognition Platform attracted a huge amount of attention, with just about anyone who passed by our booth eager to put its age detection and crowd counting and tracking features to the test.

Embedded World 2018

There was a lot of interest, too, in our Edge Computing platforms for the smart industry, enterprise IoT, and smart retail applications. Not surprisingly, Edge Computing appears to be one of the main themes of the show as the industry moves to meet demand for systems that can carry out real-time data capture, processing, and analysis locally rather than pushing it to the cloud.

The VIA SOM-9X20 system-on-module featuring the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 quad-core processor is at the heart of our Computer Vision and Edge Computing platforms. Combining leading-edge video, graphics, and compute capabilities with a wealth of camera and display integration, I/O enablement, and wireless connectivity options, the platform also includes support for object and facial recognition, including emotion, age and gender detection, as well as people counting and tracking.

VIA Smart Recognition Platform

The platform can be rapidly customized to meet specific installation and deployment requirements for a wide variety of security, surveillance, and consumer engagement applications – from office building access control and tracking systems for staff and visitors to retail signage kiosks that deliver personalized advertising and promotions to shoppers. Facial and object recognition speed and accuracy are ensured by the platform’s advanced AI algorithm.

To see the VIA Smart Recognition Platform, please visit our booth at #2-551 in Hall 2 of the Nuremberg Exhibition Center. To learn more about the platform, please click here.

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