Chinese New Year: Twenty years at VIA

VIA Shanghai Weiya

Shanghai. Check. Beijing. Check. Shenzhen. Check. Taipei. Check. Not to mention a few earthquakes thrown into the mix. Now that the Chinese New Year party season is finally over, I’m looking forward to the actual holiday!

This starts on Thursday 15 February, by the way. The VIA Taipei headquarters and our China offices will be closed until Wednesday March 21. All our other operations will remain open.

The highlight of the party season for me was receiving my twenty-year service award at the Taipei event along with nearly twenty other colleagues. Although there have been some tough times during my two decades with VIA, these have been far outweighed by the good times.

Indeed, I feel very lucky to have enjoyed such a rewarding career with the company, and even after so many years I still wake up every morning full of enthusiasm for the day ahead. There’s always some exciting new technology or product to learn about, not to mention a host of interesting marketing challenges to keep the brain cells humming and the great people I work with!

After the Chinese New Year Holiday is over, I’ll be flying over to Europe for Embedded World in Nuremberg. We will have a very strong line-up of Enterprise IoT, Edge Computing, and Computer Vision systems at the show this year, and also plan to make a number of major announcements.

Please check out the Embedded World page here for the latest updates. If you could like to set up a meeting, please feel free to send me an email at


On a related note, yesterday we announced the launch of the Vtric Active Optical Cable brand. To begin with, the following three box sets are available for purchase at our online store: HDMI 1.4 10m AOC, HDMI 2.0 10m AOC, and USB 3.0 10m AOC for $139, $229 and $239 respectively. For more information, please click here.

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