I Ching Diary: release and joy

I Ching Hexagram 58 Joy

The air is crisp and clear after the rain and thunder from the storm. The oppressive humidity and heat have disappeared. The world wakes up with a newfound sense of purity and purpose. This is the image conjured up by hexagon 40 (解/xiè): one of blessed release from a period of tumult and torment.

I Ching Hexagram 40 Release

Best to not to get overexcited, however, line one cautions. Making the most of this liberation requires peaceful reflection and gentle action. Don’t be tempted to overindulge yourself, line 5 adds. No need to attempt a marathon when a relaxing country hike will serve just as well.

The transformation leads to a state of joy in the form of hexagram 58 (兌/duì). Lake joins with lake. Water joins with water. The fields are fertile. The people forget their troubles. They live in harmony with each other and their surrounding environment.

I Ching Hexagram 58 Lake

For a precious moment, at least, all is well with the world. Make hay while the sun shines. It won’t be long before the circle of change will start to turn once more.

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