I Ching Diary: oracle failure at Paris CDG

Paris CDG Airport

I blame the oracle for its failure to warn me at Paris CDG that my luggage wouldn’t be accompanying me to Nuremberg. Obviously, it had nothing to do with the gross incompetence, I mean effortless efficiency, of the airport. I still can’t quite decide whether it’s the worst airport I’ve ever had the misfortune of visiting – an accolade that I’ve reserved for Manila for many years.

The reading I did get from my consultation with the I Ching yesterday was hexagram 48. Featuring wind above water, this represents the well (井/jǐng). It reminds you that just as water is essential for your physical survival, the teachings of the I Ching are vital for sustaining your spiritual self.

I Ching Hexagram 48 Well

Without regular study and self-reflection, it can be very easy to lose sight of your purpose and let minor irritations – like losing your luggage perhaps – divert you from the path you should be following. Rather than wasting time and energy ranting any further about the bad luck that has befallen me, I will therefore take a deep breath and focus my thoughts on Embedded World.

The show starts just a few hours from now at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center. The VIA booth is located at #2-551 in Hall 2, and will feature our latest Smart Building, Smart Enterprise IoT, Smart Retail, and Smart Industry platforms and systems.

One of highlights will be the VIA Smart Recognition Platform that we launched last week. With its support for object and facial recognition, including emotion, age and gender detection, and people counting and tracking, as well as a wealth of camera and display integration, I/O enablement, and wireless connectivity options, we have designed the provide a flexible and scalable path for building highly-sophisticated security, surveillance, traffic monitoring, building management, and consumer engagement system applications.

Please feel free to drop by our booth to take a look at it if you’re re attending Embedded World!

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