VPai Home Turnkey Solution for Wireless Home Security & Video Monitoring Systems

VPai Home Turnkey Solution

We have enjoyed considerable growth with our family of VPai turnkey solutions for 360-degree cameras that we launched last year. Our customers have found it a fast and efficient way of testing out this new market with minimal product development times and costs.

Yesterday, we announced an expansion of the line with the launch of the new VPai Home Turnkey Solution for Wireless Home Security & Video Monitoring Systems. This consists of a powerful 1080p camera that can operate on mains or battery power and has an IP65 rating for outdoor usage.

The camera can be configured to send an FHD video alert to your smartphone through the VPai Home app whenever it detects motion with its smart PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors, so that you can see exactly what is happening and decide how best to respond. AI features such as facial and object recognition features are provided to ensure that no false alarms will be triggered when, for example, a family member or pet comes into view. Other features include night vision capabilities, a siren alert, and two-way audio that enables you to talk with people at home while you are away.

For more information about VPai Home, please click here.

VPai is a B2B platform. It is aimed at companies looking to accelerate the development of new products targeted at high-potential new markets such as home security and smart consumer cameras without having to draw on significant internal R&D and product management resources. As part of the program, our team in Shenzhen can provide a host of hardware and software customization options and also take care of manufacturing, QC, and logistics operations.

We are planning to add quite a number of 360-degree and home monitoring smart platforms to the VPai family this year. Please feel free to contact me for more details at RichardBrownatvia.com.tw.

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