China Children’s Computer Competition

China Children's Computer Competition

I have just spent a couple of highly-enjoyable couple of days at the China Children’s Computer Competition and Maker Contest finals sponsored by VIA and HTC. This is the tenth year that we have been supporting the event, and it’s interesting to see how its focus has evolved from promoting basic computing skills to encouraging innovation among elementary and high school students.

China voice computing

This year we provided an AI learning kit with voice interaction features for the competitors to create projects celebrating Chinese cultural themes. More than half of the teams enabled voice capabilities on their designs, while a large number also added “eyes” to their devices to further enhance the levels of interactivity. The creativity shown by the students was extremely impressive. So too were their coding and maker skills!

Chinese children computing

The event concludes later today with a special ceremony at Beihang University celebrating the tenth anniversary of our involvement. I can’t help wondering what kind of innovations contestants will come up with in ten years’ time. Given the speed with which technology is advancing, I’m sure they’ll be amazing.

Dino board

By the way, we are planning to launch the AI learning kit on the China market later this year. We also intend to roll it out globally in 2018. Please feel free to contact me for further details.

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