VPai App Version 2.0 Release

We have just released a major update to the VPai app for Android integrating a raft of new features aimed at improving the overall user experience and making it easier to create attention-grabbing 360° images and videos.

One of the highlights of the update is a dozen filters that allow you to preview and edit captured images on your phone using a variety of special effects and enhancements. My personal favorite is the Skeleton filter which transforms your image into a cartoon-like world. We’ve also added a new feature that allows you to create time-lapse videos using your VPai camera.

360-degree camera

Another new feature that we have integrated is screen capture, which allows you to take screenshots directly in the app and post them on all your favorite social media networks. We’ve also enabled support for livestreaming 360° content on China’s popular microblogging platform Weibo.

Last but certainly not least, we’ve created our own dedicated VPai content sharing platform called Space, which lets you upload your 360° photos and videos to our cloud to be enjoyed by others in the VPai community.

VPai camera

We hope that you like the new features we’ve added to the VPai app. We’d love to receive your feedback to help us to continue improving the user experience in the future.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use a selfie stick to improve the quality of your 360° images and videos, check out the latest article posted by our summer interns about their experiences at Fulong Beach and the old mining town of Jiufen. They seem to have had a lot of fun experimenting with one.

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