VIA Mobile360 real-time immersive video system platform

VIA Mobile360 System

VIA Mobile360 is the second real-time immersive video system platform that we are developing. In contrast to VPai, which is focused on smart-phone-centric usage models, it’s been designed for in-vehicle automotive applications requiring heavy-duty computing power for processing HD video feeds from up to six cameras on the fly.

VIA Mobile360 is available in two flavors, with lots of options available to customize the system to meet exact usage requirement. VIA Mobile360 Surround View captures and combines the camera feeds in real-time to provide an encompassing spherical view of a vehicle’s surroundings that can be seen by the locally by the driver and remotely by the fleet owner or manager. The system plugs into a cloud-based management called E-Track that allows the fleet owner to monitor and analyze vehicle usage patterns and respond immediately to crisis situations such as accidents.

ADAS features

VIA Mobile360 ADAS is the second option that is available. This supports a full range of Advanced Driver Assistance System features including Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Detection, and Pedestrian Detection. Enhanced Computer Vision features can be added to both the ADAS and Surround View systems through the integration of up to two additional FOV-50 cameras, including Driver Monitoring, Cargo Monitoring, and License Plate Detection.

Mobile360 ADAS

Starter Kits are now available for VIA Mobile 360 Surround View and VIA Mobile360 ADAS that facilitate installation. In addition to the system, they also include four FOV-190 or FOV-50 automotive grade cameras and a 7” HD P-Cap touch screen with VESA mount support.

Our main focus with our Mobile360 platforms is on secondary transportation markets such as buses, construction, industrial, and forestry that operate vehicles of different types and sizes. The flexible nature of the platforms combined with our extensive system design, development, and integration expertise means that we can offer extensive customization options to meet the diverse requirements of these industries.

To learn more about VIA Mobile360 Surround View and VIA Mobile360 ADAS, please click here and here.

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