VIA Mobile360 Surround View Starter Kit

VIA Mobile360 Surround View Starter Kit

We’ve been making continued enhancements to our VIA Mobile360 real-time in-vehicle 360° video monitoring and recording platform that we rolled out last year.

To make it easier and more convenient for customers to purchase a complete solution from us, we’re introducing a new VIA Mobile360 Surround View Sample Kit. The kit comprises a ruggedized in-vehicle system that features six Farka connectors for real-time camera inputs, a 512GB SSD for event footage storage, and a 4G modem for remote access; four Sharp 1.2MP FOV-190 automotive-grade cameras with Gen-Lock (Frame Syncing) for superior image stitching output; and a 7” automotive-grade 720P P-Cap touch monitor with VESA mount support.

VIA Mobile360 Surround View integrates VIA Multi-Stitch Technology to seamlessly combine the camera feeds on the fly and create an all-encompassing 360° view that can be displayed locally or remotely. It also supports VIA Mobile360 E-Track, a cloud portal that enables fleet owners to collect and organize vehicle and driver data for real-time vehicle tracking, event and data recording, and asset management.

A variety of customization options are available to further the expand the functionality of the starter kit through the integration of up to two additional FOV-190 or FOV-50 cameras. These include Enhanced Surround View for boosting 360° video capture and stitching capabilities on longer vehicles; Partial ADAS for the front/rear or right/left sides of the vehicle; and Computer Vision for extra E-Track capabilities such as driver monitoring, cargo monitoring, and license plate recognition. A full range of calibration services to optimize the installation of VIA Mobile360 Surround View are also available.

We are seeing growing demand for VIA Mobile360 Surround View for a wide variety of applications ranging from forest clearing and excavation to armored cars and secure freight deliveries. To learn more about the new starter kit, please visit our website here.

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