VPai update: Taiwan sights from a fresh perspective

Taipei Confucius Temple panorama
Confucius Temple, Taipei

We’ve been putting our VPai 720-degree cameras through their paces over the past few weeks, and have started to post the results of the sessions on our recently-opened VPai Facebook page.

Shuangxi Park Taipei
Shuangxi Park , Taipei

As a fan of traditional Chinese architecture, I particularly like the ways in which the cameras can bring fresh perspectives to familiar places like the Confucius Temple and Shuangxi Park here in Taipei and allow you to look at them in interesting new ways.

Wanli Fishing Harbor, Taiwan
Wanli Fishing Harbor, Taiwan

In addition to posting images and videos, we’ve also added a few pointers on how to use the cameras to compose your shots and how to make the most of the Panoramic, Asteroid, and Crystalball formats available with the cameras.

Camel Rock, Yehliu, Taiwan
Camel Rock, Yehliu, Taiwan

It’s early days yet, but I can see huge potential for creating truly unique forms of content using panoramic cameras like VPai. Travel-related images and videos are just one example, but I am sure that we will discover many more applications as the user base grows and more and more people experiment with the devices.

Please feel free to join our new VPai community on Facebook to share your thoughts and ideas. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions on how you would use the devices.

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