CES Asia 2017

jd.com delivery bot

CES Asia was a lot of fun last week. Judging by the dizzying array of robots, autos, drones, and smart home devices on display, the China IoT market is in a robust and healthy state. The days when the country’s tech industry was a follower are well and truly over. Now its startups, manufacturers, and Internet giants are starting to set the pace for innovation and are set to make massive inroads in global markets.

jd.com robot

The booth of jd.com, one of country’s leading online retailers, provided the best example of how quickly China’s tech companies are expanding their capabilities and market reach. In addition to IoT products from leading global brand names that it sells to domestic consumers, the company also demonstrated a series of new systems and devices that it has developed in-house including these delivery bots for warehouses and urban spaces. Unsurprisingly, its impressive-looking drone also captured a lot of attention..

CES Asia 2017 robots

Robots of all colors and shapes abounded in Hall 1 of the exhibition center while cars and autonomous vehicles from leading global and Chinese auto manufacturers dominated Hall 4. Competition is clearly heating up in both these market segments on both the technology and the marketing fronts. I won’t even pretend that I have any idea who the ultimate winners in these two battlefields will be. All I do know is that it’s going to fascinating to watch the action unfold over the next few years. .

CES Asia 2017 Baidu

The Open Connectivity Foundation booth, which featured demos from Intel, Haier, VIA, Beechwoods, and Allion, also attracted a great deal of attention. As the China IoT market starts to mature, the industry is waking up to the need for common device interoperability standards to improve customer experiences and drive the overall growth of the market.  To promote this message further, we plan to attend more events in the fall of this year and step up engagement with the China IoT ecosystem to promote the OCF vision and accelerate the development of certified products by domestic manufacturers. Stay tuned for the latest news on this.

OCF CES Asia 2017

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