VPai Clip 720-degree camera at Longshan Temple



As one of the most famous and popular temples in Taipei, I decided that the Longshan Temple would be an excellent testing ground for our VPai Clip 720-degree camera platform last weekend.

VPai Clip plugs directly into the Micro-USB slot of an Android phone, and is thus quite handy for spontaneous close-quarter shots like the one I’ve posted above of a shrine towards the rear of the temple. Other potential scenarios include restaurant meals, parties, and other gatherings where you want to capture the atmosphere of the moment as well as people’s faces.

VPai Clip 720-degree camera
VPai Clip 720-degree camera

One aspect of shooting a 720-degree image with Vpai Clip that I find uncomfortable is that I can’t avoid being part of the photo. Maybe it’s just a generational thing, but I feel a lot happier behind a camera rather than in front of it.

In addition, even though you can livestream your VPai images and videos direct to Facebook, YouTube, and WeChat, I much prefer to take a look at them on my notebook before unleashing them on the unsuspecting world. Perhaps it’s time for me to lighten up a little!

There are a growing number of models available based on the VPai Clip platform in both China and other markets. We will be adding the details when we launch a major upgrade to the current VPai website early next week at the latest.

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