Daodejing Chapter 4: the invisible and ineffable source

The Dao is an empty vessel;
It is used and never fills up.
It’s so deep that it is like the origin of all things.
Blunt the sharpness;
Untangle the knot;
Soften the glare;
Merge with the dust;
Invisible and formless, it always seems to be present.
I have no idea who gave birth to it.
It seems to have existed before the Lord did.

The Dao is the invisible and ineffable source of the universe, the omnipresent and omniscient force that guides the dynamic process of creation and transformation taking place in the world.

The Dao maintains a state of balance and equilibrium by ensuring that whenever something moves to one extreme it automatically reverts to the opposite one. The moment a light is at its brightest it begins to soften, and the moment a blade is at its sharpest it loses its edge.

Nobody knows where the Dao came from or when it first appeared. Rather than wasting time and energy searching for answers to these questions, it is better simply to embrace it as the natural law and accept is as the guiding principle of the universe.

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