Vpai at HTC Vive Ecosystem Conference 2017


One of the biggest potential applications we see for Vpai 720-degree cameras is in the generation of immersive video for VR. By making the devices easy to operate and highly affordable at sub-$100 prices, our aim is to democratize the creation of VR content for everyone with a smart phone.

As the first step in this process, we were delighted to be invited to showcase Vpai cameras at the HTC Vive Ecosystem Conference 2017 being held in Shenzhen over the past two days. This gave us a great opportunity not only to get feedback from VR developers on the on the devices, but also to learn how we can work with them in the future to help them create exciting new apps using the Vpai platform.

At the conference, HTC announced a raft of initiatives aimed establishing Shenzhen as a global center for VR research, development, and applications and driving proliferation of the technology in the entertainment, education, and enterprise sectors.

By providing the platform for local manufacturers to build high-performance cameras at accessible price points, we hope to contribute towards the growth of the Shenzhen VR ecosystem and accelerate the development of the overall market.

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