VIA Smart HMI starter kits at Embedded World 2017

Smart kiosk

Signage systems, interactive kiosks, smart lockers, and smart vending machines are fast becoming an integral element of the smart transportation infrastructure as hub operators look deliver a greater variety of passenger information, shopping, and storage services in their facilities.

To meet this growing demand, we have developed a growing number of HMI (Human Machine Interface) starter kits that accelerate the development and deployment of such systems in train stations, airports, parking lots, and similar environments. Combining a highly-integrated board and Android or Linux BSP with a compatible panel display, the kits are available in a wide variety of configurations and come with advanced compute, graphics and video features to ensure optimum multimedia performance for displaying immersive high-definition content.

They also offer ample customization headroom to meet specific design requirements through, for example, the integration of wireless connectivity and peripheral accessories such as ticket printers.

At Embedded World, we will be showing the HMI Display Panel Kit, HMI Touch Panel Kit, and VIA VAB-630 HMI Platform. Our booth is located at #2-551 in Hall 2. Here is a brief overview of their main features:

VIA HMI Touch Panel Starter Kit
This starter kit comprises a highly-integrated board, an optional 10.1” LVDS projective capacitive touch screen, an optional Wi-Fi module, and an optimized Android 4.2 BSP to provide an affordable solution for touch-based transportation HMI applications. Key features include:
■VIA Cortex-A9 dual-core SoC
■Wide input voltage range supporting 9~36V DC-in
■Lockable connectors
■Optional USB Wi-Fi module
■Optional 10.1″ projective capacitive touch screen support

VIA HMI Panel Display Starter Kit
This starter kit features a highly-integrated board, an optional 17” display, and a Linux BSP optimized to enable HTML5-based digital signage applications to provide a flexible and reliable solution for a wide variety of transportation HMI usage scenarios. Key features include:
■1.0GHz VIA Cortex-A9 dual-core SoC
■10/100Mbps Ethernet with PoE support
■Onboard Wi-Fi support
■HTML5 support
■Optional 17″ panel for rapid time-to-market

VIA VAB-630 3.5″ SBC
This starter kit combines a highly-integrated 3.5” SBC form factor motherboard with an optional 10.1” touch panel screen to provide a robust solution for interactive multimedia kiosks and signage systems. Key features include:
■Compact 3.5” SBC Form Factor
■Support for 3G, Wi-Fi, & BT wireless connectivity
■Optional 5V or 12V power input
■Android solution pack available
■Optional 10.1″ LVDS LCD touch panel available

To learn more about how we can help reduce the design cycle for your signage system, interactive kiosk, smart locker, and smart vending machine deployments, please contact us through our Embedded World page.

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