Final Preparations for CES 2017

OCF Booth at CES 2017
OCF Booth at CES 2017

The OCF (Open Connectivity Foundation) booth was coming together nicely this morning when I went there to set up the VIA Alegro 100 demo. I’m sure it will look great when the CES 2017 starts tomorrow. It never ceases to amaze me how much work goes into preparing for a show.

Just before I left for Las Vegas, we issued a press release announcing that the VIA Alegro 100 has received OCF certification. This is very important for us, because the certification program plays a vital role in addressing the most critical issue that the industry faces in accelerating the growth of the IoT market: namely, ensuring interoperability between billions of devices from thousands of different manufacturers using a myriad of different silicon and O/S platforms.

Open Connectivity Foundation Booth at CES

It is great to see the OCF taking a leadership role in tackling this monumental challenge. If IoT devices from different companies aren’t able to “talk” seamlessly with each other, people will quickly become disappointed and frustrated and the overall market will not achieve its full potential because of unnecessary fragmentation. Establishing a single pervasive platform based on common interoperability standards in data formats and application programming interfaces (API’s) is the best way forward for everybody.

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