Meng Jingzi

Meng Jingzi (孟敬子) was the son of Meng Wubo (孟武伯), who first appeared in Chapter VI of Book 2 of the Analects. Like his father, Meng Jingzi was also a minister. Apparently, he had a reputation for micromanagement and an inability to focus on the big picture.

Appearances in the Analects of Confucius
Book 8, Chapter IV

Book 8
Chapter IV
When Zengzi was ill, Meng Jingzi came to visit him. Zengzi said: “When a bird is about to die, his song is sad; when a man is about to die, his words are good. In following the Way, a leader cherishes three things: in his demeanor, he stays far from violence and arrogance; in his countenance, he invites trustworthiness; in his speech, he avoids vulgarity. As for the details of the ritual, these will be taken care of by the functionaries.”

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