Zuo Qiuming

Tradition has it that Zuo Qiuming (左丘明) was a contemporary of Confucius and the court historian for the state of Lu, who reputedly went on to write the Commentary of Zuo (左傳/zuǒzhuán) – one of the earliest Chinese narrative histories and reportedly a gem of Chinese classical prose.

Some commentators, however, dispute that claim and say that he was simply a well-known figure who lived before the sage. To further add to the uncertainty surrounding his true identity, it is not clear whether his surname is Zuo or Zuoqiu. As a result, his name may be written as Zuo Qiuming or Zuoqiu Ming.

Appearances in the Analects of Confucius
Book 5, Chapter XXV

Book 5
Chapter XXV
Confucius said: “Smooth talk, pretentiousness, and obsequiousness: Zuo Qiuming detested such behavior, and I detest it too. Acting friendly with a man you secretly resent: Zuo Qiuming detested such behavior, and I detest it too.”

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