Priest Tuo

Priest Tuo (祝鮀) was a minister of the state of Wei, responsible for the administration of its ancestral temple and other ritual matters. Confucius probably met him when he visited Wei after leaving his home state of Lu for exile in 496 BC, and was suspicious of his “smooth tongue”.

Appearances in the Analects of Confucius
Book 6, Chapter XVI
Book 14, Chapter XIX

Book 6
Chapter XVI
Confucius said: “It’s difficult to survive in an age like ours without the smooth tongue of Priest Tuo and the beauty of Song Chao.”

Book 14
Chapter XIX
Confucius said that Duke Ling of Wei didn’t follow the Way. Ji Kangzi said: “If this is the case, how come he has not lost his state?” Confucius said: “He has Zhong Yuzhen looking after guests and foreign delegations, Priest Tuo taking care of the ancestral temple, and Wangsun Jia in charge of defense. With such officials as these, how could he possibly lose his state?”

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