In-vehicle system design & development presentation at IoT Devcon 2016

I thought I might as well complete a SlideShare hat trick today with this link to the presentation I gave at IoT Devcon 2016 in Santa Clara last week. While there’s no doubt about the potential of the smart transportation market, it’s important not to get too carried away by the huge numbers that are being so breathlessly bandied about. Designing and manufacturing ultra-safe and ultra-reliable smart vehicles in massive volumes is going to be far more challenging than churning out billions of PCs and smart phones!

The approach we have adopted for this market is the creation of a flexible modular framework that enables the rapid development of smart in-vehicle systems for commercial applications such as logistics, trucking, and taxis. By combining our core chip-level technology expertise in areas such as graphics, video, SoCs, and wireless connectivity with our embedded system design capabilities, we have the ability to provide robust and flexible building blocks that can be readily customized to meet the specific needs of the target usage application.

One of the examples I highlighted in my presentation is the Smart IoT Mobility system that we developed together with Japan Taxi based on the VIA AMOS-825. As you can see on slide 21, this involved multiple optimizations to ensure that the system met the customer’s operational requirements, including 9-36V voltage input, a wide temperature range, 3G, WiFI, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and CAN bus support. Only by having the modular technology and system building blocks already in place were we able to complete all these modifications within a very demanding time frame to ensure that our customer could meet their aggressive time-to-market target.

As new technologies such as real-time 360° video and deep learning proliferate, we will also integrate support for them into our modular in-vehicle system development framework. Indeed, we have already begun work on this with our recently-announced VIA Mobile360 In-Vehicle Surround View Fleet Management System. Our overall goal is to provide our customers with rapid time to market for their systems while providing the long-term scalability required for integrating new features and functionality to meet the fast-changing needs of the smart transportation market.

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