Contemporary figures in the Analects

Many contemporary figures who Confucius knew either by person or reputation pop up in the Analects like members of a large supporting cast for an epic movie or stage production. They are listed here in the order of their first appearance in the Analects.

Meng Yizi/孟懿子
Meng Wubo/孟武伯
Duke Ai of Lu/魯哀公
Ji Kangzi/季康子
Wangsun Jia/王孫賈
Duke Ding of Lu/魯定公
Yan Pingzhong/晏平仲
Zuo Qiuming/左丘明
Zisang Bozi/桑伯子
Meng Zhifan/孟之反
Priest Tuo/祝鮀
Song Chao/宋朝
Duke Chu of Wei/衛出公
Duke of She/葉公
Huan Tui/桓魋
Chen Sibai/陳司敗
Duke Zhao of Lu/魯昭公
Wu Mengzi/吳孟子
Meng Jingzi/孟敬子
Music Master Zhi/師摯

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