Stay on the highway

Zixia said: “Although there’s a lot to see when you stroll along the byways, you risk getting get stuck in the mud if you have to travel far. That is why a leader should avoid them.”

Zixia said: “If you recognize day by day what you still need to learn and don’t forget month by month what you have already learned, you truly love learning!”

Zixia said: “Expand your learning and stick firmly to your purpose; question everything and reflect deeply: this is how you find goodness.”

Zixia said: “Artisans of all types live in their workshops to master their trade. A leader learns to master the Way.”

In contrast with the extroverted Zizhang, Zixia was one of the more conventional, some might say pedantic, disciples of Confucius. He had no time for fripperies and was relentlessly focused on the application of the teachings of his master by both himself and the students who joined his school.

Although he wasn’t exactly a fun guy to hang around with, he certainly made sure that people got their priorities straight by teaching them to concentrate on their most important goals rather than wasting time on irrelevant diversions.

Stay on the highway; don’t stray onto the byways. There’s a lesson in that for all of us, particularly with all the distractions we face in our daily lives.

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