Tolerance and compassion

The disciples of Zixia asked Zizhang about social relations. Zizhang said: “What did Zixia tell you?” They replied: “Zixia said: ‘Associate with the right sort of people; avoid the wrong sort of people.” Zizhang said: “I heard something different: ‘A leader respects the wise and is tolerant of the ordinary; he praises the good and shows compassion to the incapable.’ If I am superior, whom should I not be tolerant of? If I am inferior, then others will avoid me; why would I need to avoid them?”

Zizhang certainly gets the better of Zixia in this exchange with his calls for tolerance and compassion towards other people. His open-minded approach easily wins out over his fellow disciple’s closed-minded injunction to only associate with the “right sort of people” (presumably those who share your own social values and class). Continue reading Tolerance and compassion

A modular approach for application-specific system design


Japan Taxi is just one of a growing number of customers who have taken a consumer tablet as the starting point of a new product design only to learn that the development of a dedicated application-specific system is the best long-term solution for commercial deployment. A high proportion of them have come to us after purchasing a low-cost Android device in Shenzhen and discovering that they can’t get the vendor assistance they require in terms of hardware and software customization, commercial-grade quality, and product longevity. Continue reading A modular approach for application-specific system design