A modular approach for application-specific system design


Japan Taxi is just one of a growing number of customers who have taken a consumer tablet as the starting point of a new product design only to learn that the development of a dedicated application-specific system is the best long-term solution for commercial deployment. A high proportion of them have come to us after purchasing a low-cost Android device in Shenzhen and discovering that they can’t get the vendor assistance they require in terms of hardware and software customization, commercial-grade quality, and product longevity.

To help these customers square the circle, so to speak, we have created a new line of platforms and starter kits that enable them to accelerate the development of application-specific systems by providing tightly-integrated hardware, software, and display modules that can be easily customized to meet their specific requirements.

With the VIA AMOS-825, for example, we have combined three modules that have been pre-optimized for in-vehicle system applications into a single solution:
• Ruggedized system with features such as 9-36V voltage input and a wide operating temperature range;
• Android BSP featuring Android 4.4.2 as well as the VIA Smart ETK with APIs for GPIO access and COM port access to facilitate the integration of common peripherals;
• Optional 7″ projective capacitive touch monitor that has been validated for in-vehicle deployments.

Any additional customizations that are required to meet the target specification can be made to the system during the final development phase before it goes into production.

This modular approach not only helps our customers to reduce new product development time and costs, but also allows them to leverage the reliability, compatibility, and economies-of-scale provided by the use of standardized building blocks – while providing them with the flexibility they need to make sure the system is fully optimized for its intended application.

In today’s highly competitive market place, accelerating the time-to-market for new products  is becoming an increasingly important priority for embedded system developers. With solutions such as the VIA AMOS-825 and the VIA Mobile360 HMI Panel Display starter kit, our aim is to help them achieve this objective by providing a fast and flexible path for building application-specific systems without having to compromise on the quality, reliability, functionality, and customization headroom required for demanding commercial deployments.

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