Venting their spleen

Zigong said: “Does a leader have things that he can’t stand?” Confucius said: “Yes. He can’t stand those who point out the evils in others. He can’t stand those in inferior positions who slander their superiors. He can’t stand those whose courage is not tempered by the rites. He can’t stand those who are impulsive and stubborn.” Confucius continued. “Do you have things that you can’t stand?” “I can’t stand those who pretend to be learned by plagiarizing. I can’t stand those who pretend to be brave by acting arrogant. I can’t stand those who pretend to be frank by being malicious.”

Confucius and Zigong certainly don’t hesitate to vent their spleen on people who act in a hypocritical fashion. They have no time for the backstabbers who stir the pot with their unwarranted criticism of others or the phonies who mask their ignorance and weakness by pretending to be what they are not.

I hope they enjoyed making their little rant as much as I did reading it.

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