The right price


子貢曰:「有美玉於斯,韞 而藏諸?求善賈而沽諸?」子曰:「沽之哉!沽之哉!我待賈者也!」
Zigong said: “If you had a precious piece of jade, would you hide it in a box for safekeeping or would you try and sell it for a good price?” Confucius said: “I would sell it! I would sell it! All I am waiting for is the right price.”

Confucius wasn’t shy about his desire share to his talents, but only with a ruler who was fully committed to following the path that he advocated.

When he says he waiting for the “right price”, Confucius means that he is really waiting for the right customer. As mentioned many times before, that mythical beast never appeared.

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