Promises, promises, promises


It’s relatively easy to preach from a marketing point of view about how new digital technologies such as video walls, digital signage, and beacon can “transform” physical spaces so that they become more “engaging”, “interactive” and “immersive”.

Now I have the opportunity to test my own ability to deliver on these promises, having been given the task of remodeling the first floor of our head office in Xindian, Taipei.


Currently the first floor is divided into five main areas, including reception, a demo space, meeting rooms, a coffee shop, and a gymnasium. With the remodeling, one of our goals is to retain these basic functions but to deliver and manage them in more attractive and interesting ways.


Obviously integrating new digital elements will be a part of this process, but we also hope to make the overall environment much more inviting. The current demo area, for example, has what I can only describe as a static museum-like quality to it that needs to be replaced by something much more dynamic. Similar comments can be made about the other areas as well: while they are perfectly functional, they could do with a shiny new coat of digital paint!


Identifying the high-level objectives of this project has been a relatively easy first step, but coming up with design concept and figuring out what kind of technologies and applications should be integrated in order to make the space more inviting is proving to be quite a challenge.


Since many companies, particularly in businesses like retail, are either thinking about or actually embarking on digitization programs like this one, I’ve decided to start documenting my own experiences with this project in order to share what I learn along the way.


I’d also love to hear from people who are involved in similar projects, so that we can exchange ideas and build up a collection of supporting resources and best practices.

Here’s hoping you will join me!

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