Physical and digital nostalgia at HeySong Pavilion


Today’s national holiday gave me a chance to pop over to the Breeze Center on Fuxing North Road and poke around the HeySong Pavilion there.

A local Taiwan consumer beverage brand famous for its Sarsaparilla drink, HeySong created the pavilion in 2011 in order to, in its own words, “preserve the development history of HeySong and Taiwanese society”.


And an excellent job it does of it, too, delivering an impressive combination of physical and digital displays that evoked a pleasant sense of nostalgia in this twenty-five-year resident of the island.


One of the highlights was this kiosk that allows you to view the company’s ads from the last few decades. When I first came to Taiwan I watched far more local TV than I do now because there wasn’t anything else on, and it was fun to be reminded of some of the old commercials. I just hope it won’t be long before I get the newly-revived jingles out of my brain.


Other interactive displays included a gaming table for kids, a photo booth with customizable backgrounds, and an intriguing augmented reality video wall. So augmented in fact that I had no idea what it was about.


The space also featured a large video wall broadcasting ads as well as some screens embedded into the floor attempting to communicate the company’s vision and stringent quality standards. Well, at least I noticed!


One of the most impressive aspects about the pavilion was that it didn’t go overboard with the technology. The digital elements blended in seamlessly with the physical exhibits, and helped to tell the overall story of the HeySong brand in interesting new ways without ever overshadowing it.


If we can achieve a similar sense of balance in the remodeling of our first floor space, I will be delighted.


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