I transmit but I don’t create


Confucius said: “I transmit but I don’t create. I am faithful to and love the past. In this respect, I dare to compare myself with Old Peng.”

Confucius makes no claims of originality in his work. There are no trademarks attached to the words and phrases he uses to describe the principles and practices he espouses, and there are no copyright marks either. He is sharing thoughts and ideas from the past so that they can be passed on to future generations. No royalty fees included.

Compare and contrast our obsession today with the need to “protect” and “monetize” even the most worthless fragment of what we so grandly call Intellectual Property in order to promote and reward “innovation” and “creativity”.

In case you are wondering, nobody knows who Old Peng was. He may have been a story teller from the Yin Dynasty.

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