Xun Tang Town


I have too much information to process from the Internet of Things conference before I’m ready to write about it. Suffice it to say for now that China is moving very aggressively to promote the development of the IoT and its policies are far more comprehensive than I’ve seen from any other government.


Quite by accident, I came across a lovely old town called Xun Tang only a few hundred meters from the Wuxi International Exhibition Center during my constitutional lunchtime walk, and spent an enjoyable half-hour poking around its graceful old buildings and walking along the riverside.


I couldn’t find out much about the history of Xun Tang, though apparently its origins can be traced back as far as the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC – 476 BC). The charming arched bridge that forms the centerpiece of the village was rebuilt in 1888, and along with the rest of buildings has been carefully restored in recent years.


These days Xun Tang is a tourist destination rather a living village and presents a no-doubt highly-romanticized picture of what life used to be like in rural China, but that doesn’t make a stroll down its delightful streets any less enjoyable. Indeed, there were moments when I could imagine that I’d been transported back to another time and another place.


Xun Tang is nearby the Wuxi International Exhibition Center. According to the lady at the coffee shop, it doesn’t get many visitors on weekdays but fills up on Saturday and Sunday.

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