Typhoon Dujian


Probably not the most sensible display to put outside a store when a super typhoon is approaching! I presume that everything was moved inside before the wind really started biting.

Judging by the latest news updates on Typhoon Dujian, Laozi didn’t quite get it right when he wrote in the Daodejing: “a whirlwind does not last all morning; a rainstorm does not last all day.” But then again he was making a non-too subtle political point with this metaphor rather than a comment on a what I suppose we would today call “weather events”.


In the meantime, all we can do is sit and wait and hope that the electricity doesn’t get cut off (apparently the water supply will be). Oh, and every couple of hours or so, head up to the roof our apartment to make sure that the drains remain unblocked.

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