Innovation elixir


It wasn’t very easy to find a reasonably-priced hotel in Fremont for this week. Some of the prices I was quoted were up to $200 a night for very basic accommodation.

Since I can’t imagine why anyone could possibly want to come here on vacation, I can only assume that people must be flocking here for business reasons in a sign of the continuing boom in the Silicon Valley. Even though Fremont has Tesla, it’s not exactly Mountain View or Palo Alto, let alone San Francisco.

Indeed, I can’t help thinking that the Bay Area is becoming the modern-day equivalent of the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, drawing in pilgrims from throughout the world eager to bottle up a few drops of its magical innovation elixir to sprinkle on the ground when they return to their homeland in the hope that a thousand new startups will bloom from them.


I did finally manage to get a decent deal on a room in the luxurious Day’s Inn resort just down the road from our office. Sadly, I haven’t found any drops of the magical innovation elixir yet, but that doesn’t that I’m giving up on my quest. No doubt I’ll find them in a Blue Bottle coffee shop if all else fails.

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