Fremont sunrise


Sunrise in Fremont featuring the all-too-rare rare sight of clouds gathering over the parched brown hills in the background. It’s a pity that, according to the weather forecast on the TV, they will just be bringing humidity rather than much-needed rain.

On the flight over to San Francisco, I started reading Paolo Bacigalupi’s dark new novel, The Water Knife, which presents a disturbing picture of an America torn asunder by fights over water rights from the Colorado River. Given the current shortages of the precious liquid that states such as California are suffering, the book’s dark descriptions of a society on the verge of total breakdown are highly discomfiting. The only chinks of light amidst all the “calamity porn” can be found in Bacigalupi’s sparkling prose. He is a truly brilliant writer, and The Water Knife is a worthy successor to his previous adult novel, The Windup Girl.


Google decided that the photo I posted above deserved its own dystopian treatment with this alternative rendering in monochrome. I think I prefer the color version, but this one certainly captures the mood of the book much better.

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