Two sides of the same coin

The way (道) is invisible and intangible; virtue (德) is its physical manifestation.  They are two sides of the same coin; one wouldn’t exist without the other.

The Way produces all things.
Virtue nourishes them.
Substance gives them physical form.
The environment completes them.
Therefore all things venerate the Way and honor Virtue.
The Way is venerated and Virtue is honored;
Not because it is decreed but because it is natural to do so.
Thus the Way produces all things;
And Virtue nourishes them;
Rears them and develops them;
Shelters them and comforts them;
Raises them and protects them;
It gives them life without possessing them;
It raises them without taking any credit for them;
It guides them without controlling them;
This is called subtle and profound Virtue.

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