The natural order

Nature keeps everything in balance, constantly replenishing the earth’s resources and making sure that they are distributed evenly.

By fighting over and exploiting these resources, humans disturb this natural order and thus lock themselves in a vicious cycle of inequality in which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The wise refuse to take part in this ongoing struggle for ever greater material wealth and contribute to society by quietly going about their daily business without expecting any reward for it.

The Way of Heaven is like drawing a bow.
If the tension on the string is too high, decrease it;
If the tension is too low, increase it.
If the string is too long, shorten it.
If the string is too short, lengthen it.
The Way of Heaven takes from those who have too much;
It gives to those who do not have enough.
The Way of Humanity does the opposite.
It takes from those who do not have enough;
It gives to those who have too much.
Who has more than enough to give to the world?
Only people who follow the Way.
That’s why the wise act without taking credit.
They accomplish their task without dwelling on it.
They have no desire to make themselves look superior.

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