The choice is yours

Even the wise struggle with understanding the mysteries of the way. Rather than telling you what is right and wrong, it simply provides a roadmap for you to follow.

Whether you decide to do so is entirely up to you. The choice is yours.

People who are brave out of daring will be killed.
People who are brave out of not daring will survive.
Of these two kinds of bravery, one is advantageous and one is harmful.
Heaven hates what it hates;
Who can know the reason why?
For this reason, even the wise find it difficult to understand.
The Way of Heaven does not compete;
But it excels at winning.
It does not speak,
But it excels at answering.
It isn’t summoned,
But it arrives by itself.
It is spontaneous,
But it excels at planning.
Heaven’s net is large and vast.
It is widely meshed,
But it lets nothing escape.

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