Subtle and profound union

People who understand the way do not need to talk about it, while those who claim to understand the way are  ignorant about it.

To find it, you need to close your ears, eyes, and mouth and turn off your desires and emotions so that you can search deep inside yourself until you attain the state of “subtle and profound union” (玄同).

Once you have reached this, you are completely at one with yourself and ready to face whatever life throws at you with equanimity.

People who know do not speak.
People who speak do not know.
Block the vent;
Shut the door.
Smooth the sharpness;
Untie the tangle.
Soften the glare;
Smooth the dust.
This is called the subtle and profound union.
Therefore, people who have attained it:
Can neither be approached nor abandoned;
Can neither be favored nor disgraced;
Can neither be honored nor debased.
For this reason, they are the most esteemed people in the world.

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