Life and death

Life and death are inseparable parts of our existence, but only one tenth of us are able to accept this as part of the natural cycle and enjoy the experience without needlessly worrying about what is going to happen to us afterwards.

Meanwhile one third of us love life so much that we overstay our welcome and suffer unnecessarily in the process; another third of us die before our allotted time due to disease or accidents; while the final third of us are so desperate to make the most of our time on this planet that it flies past far too quickly for us to appreciate it.

Which category do you belong to?

We come alive into the world and leave it dead;
Three out of ten people love life;
Three out of ten people prefer death;
Three out of ten people rush from birth to death.
Why is this so?
Because they live to excess.
It is said that people who know how to live properly,
Walk the earth without encountering rhinoceroses and tigers,
And are not killed or wounded in battle.
The rhinoceroses cannot gore them with their horns;
The tigers cannot fasten their claws upon them;
And the weapons cannot pierce them with their blades.
Why is this so?
Because they are out of the range of death.


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