Let go

We are living in a time when the world’s store of data is increasing at an exponential rate. Is this enabling us to make better decisions or does it actually impede our ability to get things done because we get so caught so caught up in the minutiae of the data that we can’t see the wood for the trees?

Instead of continuing to clutter up your mind with useless facts and theories, learn to harness that knowledge you already have so that you instinctively know when and how to apply it.

Don’t be a slave to all the data clogging up your PC, smart phone, or the cloud; master it through effortless action.

The pursuit of learning requires accumulating knowledge every day.
The pursuit of the Way requires letting go of your desires every day.
Let go and let go again,
Until you reach a state of effortless action;
With effortless action nothing is left undone.
To rule the world, you must not act arbitrarily.
If you act arbitrarily, you are not fit to rule the world.

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