Effective project management through effortless action

The most effective way of managing a major project is to break it down into small and simple steps that can be accomplished like clockwork while making sure that they are fully aligned with its ultimate objective.

Successfully accomplishing the project not only requires careful planning but also a clear and realistic understanding of the complexity of each and every step and the resources, time, and personnel needed to complete it. Failure to take all these factors into account will inevitably lead to unexpected problems further down the line.

Act with effortless action.
Manage without interfering.
Taste without tasting.
Make large tasks small;
Make many tasks few.
Meet objections with Virtue.
Achieve difficult tasks through simple steps.
Achieve major tasks through small steps.
The most difficult tasks in the world,
Must be made easy from the start.
The biggest tasks in the world,
Must be made small from the start.
For this reason, the wise never strive to be great;
As a result, they accomplish greatness.
People who make promises lightly deserve little trust.
People who take tasks lightly will encounter huge difficulties.
For this reason, the wise always regard things as difficult;
As a result, they never encounter any difficulties.

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