Watching the baggage train

More leadership advice from the Daodejing: stay calm at all times and don’t allow yourself to be distracted from what is most important – even by the most magnificent of views.

If you don’t pay any attention to the baggage train while you are traveling, your guards and the other members of your retinue won’t feel the need to be concerned about it either. Lead by example; others take their cues from you.

Take a responsible approach to leadership and don’t make any impetuous decisions. For more advice, see chapter 13.

The heavy is the root of the light;
The tranquil is the master of the rash.
That’s why the sage wise travels all day without leaving his baggage train.
No matter how magnificent the view is,
He stays calm and dispassionate.
Why would the lord of a great realm,
Treat his own life lightly when governing the world?
In lightness, the root is lost.
In rashness, the lord is lost.

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