Eternity can wait

Las Vegas is hardly the right place for deep contemplation on the circle of life and the path to eternal enlightenment. The only emptiness I’m likely to achieve here will be that of my pocket rather than my mind, and any chances of maintaining stillness are severely limited by the city’s bright flashing lights and loud, brash sounds.

So even at the risk of “act(ing) blindly and court(ing) disaster”, I think I’ll celebrate the ephemeral while I’m in this crazy rootless city. I’m sure that eternity can wait.

Reach perfect emptiness;
Maintain perfect stillness.
All things emerge,
I observe them return.
Even though all things grow and flourish,
Each one will ultimately return to its respective root.
Returning to the root is called stillness;
This is what is known as returning to your destiny.
Regaining your natural state is called the constant.
Knowing the constant is called discernment.
Not knowing the constant leads to recklessness and violence.
Knowing the constant leads to tolerance;
Tolerance leads to impartiality;
Impartiality leads to inclusiveness;
Inclusiveness leads to heaven;
Heaven leads to the way.
The way leads to resilience,
And to living out your days without encountering any calamities.

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