Digital Signage Expo 2015: Day 1


Quite a lively start to DSE 2015. Judging by the buzz among both visitors and exhibitors, the digital signage business seems to be in quite a healthy state. There were certainly a lot of impressive products on display. Who can fail to be lured by the rich vibrant images being delivered on massive 4K screens? 


At the VIA booth, we experienced a tremendous amount of interest in our Fishbone Video Wall and its ability to liven up spaces with interesting, different shapes that transcend the standard rectangular signage. It’s a pity that we didn’t have the space to show any of the mosaic solution we have been working on such as the one we recently installed in the new “Science Corridor” of the Ministry of Science & Technology building in downtown Taipei.


The VIA ALTA DS 2 Android systems we showed running a single screen at 4K and two screens in extended mode also attracted a lot of attention, fueled in part by our launch of the VIA ALTA Portal in collaboration with Capital Networks targeted at small business owners.


It’s taken some time for Android to gain real traction in digital signage, but now it is finally beginning to happen and with our commercial-grade VIA ALTA DS Series system we do believe that we have hit a sweet spot in the market. Watch out for more announcements on our plans for Android signage in the near future!


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