10,000 Steps: February Fitbit Analysis


Time to review my February Fitbit numbers. Overall, I’m quite pleased with them given that my daily average of 11,375 steps for the month was slightly higher than my daily average of 11,083 steps in January.

However, for the first time this year I did miss my daily target on a couple of occasions. The first one was unavoidable because I was flying back to Taiwan from the US across the international dateline and hence “lost” a day. As for the second one, I was simply too tired to summon up the energy to pull myself up from the sofa and complete the remaining 2,000 steps. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Despite these two misses, I am pleased with how I have embedded the 10,000 steps target into my daily routine. I have almost made it a habit in that I don’t feel “complete” until I have achieved it.

For March, my objective is to hit 12,000 steps a day. Hardly an earth-shattering improvement, but enough to challenge me during the month ahead.

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